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Diner Dash (7 in 1)

Diner Dash

Ditch your desk job and serve up some grub! Help Flo™ grow her fledgling diner into a five-star restaurant in this game of skill, speed and savvy.
5 different customer types
2 modes: Career, Endless Shift

Diner Dash - Restaurant Rescue

Join Flo™ as she returns from Nirvana to help four fellow restaurant owners defeat the greedy tycoon, Mr. Big. Seat customers, take orders, serve drinks, deliver food, and collect tips - expert scores earn you more decor upgrades!
5 new restaurants
4 new customer types
New power-ups & seating challenges

Diner Dash - Flo on the Go

Flo™ trades in her apron for a passport to paradise! But will our hard-working waitress get a chance to relax? Seat customers, take orders, collect tips and dress up Flo in hundreds of vacation outfits in the all-new Flo's Closet™.
5 new restaurants
9 customer types
All-new Flo's Closet™
25+ new decor upgrades
100s of outfit choices

Diner Dash - Hometown Hero

On a visit to her hometown, Flo and her Grandma Florence take a stroll down memory lane. Bring five restaurants back to life as you help restore Flo's hometown.
50 New Story Mode Levels
500+ clothing & decor items

Cooking Dash

And she cooks, too! When Cookie the Chef leaves Flo's Diner to pursue a career on a popular cooking reality TV show, he creates a shortage of chefs in DinerTown by
inviting them all to appear as guest stars. It's up to Flo to pick up the slack with a whole new set of food service skills! Help Flo and Grandma Florence keep five DinerTown restaurants up and running...if you can stand the heat!
Over 50 levels of game play
Master the art of perfectly prepared meals in five different restaurants
3D rendered characters add dimension to the animation

Diner Dash - Seasonal Snack Pack

Stroll down memory lane with Grandma and Flo as they reminisce about their favorite seasons, including stops at five new restaurants!
Splash into summer at the Coral Cove Cafe in Waterpark Madness
Sneak into a ghoulish adventure at the Crypt Cafe
Help Flo and Toshiro save Thanksgiving in Hometown Harvest
Spread a little holiday cheer on the slopes in Winter Wonderland
Cozy up at the Romantic Rendezvous restaurant

Parking Dash

Introducing Karma, Flo's hip, new friend, whose life takes a dramatic turn when she’s contacted in her Donutville apartment about inherited property in DinerTown! Flo intercedes before Karma can sell the tiny blacktop lot behind Flo’s Diner to Mr. Big, and encourages Karma to start her own business. You'll have to be quick to click as
you rack, track, and even stack automotive gems from every corner of DinerTown. Help Karma clean up the streets in this thoroughly entertaining mix of the familiar and the unique. Hop in now!

Информация об игре:

>>Название: Diner Dash (7 in 1)
>>Жанр: Simulation
>>Платформа: PC
>>Язык: Eng
>>Cистемные требования : Pentium 1.0 Mhz ОЗУ: 256 МБайт Видеокарта: 128 МБайт
>>Размер: 126 mb

Теги: Diner, ИГРЫ

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